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Technolink TC-754
RIAA Phono Preamp with Output Level Control
and Three Switchable Aux Inputs
Available in both BLACK and SILVER finish
Now includes improved regulated power supply usable worldwide!
Need even more inputs? Our most versatile model combines exceptional phono preamp performance with three additional aux level audio inputs, then adds a variable output level control. Soft-touch switches control power on/off and source selection. While off, the TC-754  even remembers what source was last selected  and returns to it when powered back up.

Black Version
$73.50 plus shipping

The output level control allows connection to a power amp either directly or through an equalizer; or it can simply be used to fine tune the audio level sent to your computer sound card or receiver. Spectacular RIAA equalization accuracy and a S/N ratio of 85dB places the TC-754 among our top performing phono preamps; its additional features are extra icing on the cake!

  • 12 volt DC operation; will work anywhere in the world  
  • RIAA freq response 20hz-20,000hz +/- 0.5dB, S/N ratio 85dB
  • CE certified;  nice packaging suitable for gifting
  •  Gold plated jacks and black anodized metal casing
  • Ground wire terminal; click HERE to see why you need this feature
  •    power indicator and switch; variable output level control
  • source indicator LEDs; power-off setting retention
  • free RCA cable and miniplug adaptor included
  • Dimensions 178mm x 90mm x 38mm 
  • One year defective exchange warranty
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Silver Version
$73.50 plus shipping
TC-754 FAQ
If connecting to a computer, simply substitute it in the diagram for the amplifier shown below.
Use the sound card's LINE  INPUT jack,

TC-754 hookup diagram

Any of the following labelled amplifier/receiver/minisystem input jacks can be used;  AUX, TAPE IN/PLAY, LINE IN, CD, TUNER, MD (MiniDisc), VIDEO or DVD (use the L&R AUDIO  jacks so labelled; ignore the actual yellow VIDEO  jack if present).

This model is also available on eBay with our PREMIUM
1.5A SMPS AC power adaptor; click
SILVER or BLACK to visit these product listings...

patch cordminiplug

We include free of charge a stereo patch cord (for connection to a stereo)
 and a mini-plug adaptor (to use with computers).

TC-754 box

plug types