TCC TC-400
Phono Preamp
TCC TC-400

If connecting to a computer, simply substitute it in the diagram for the receiver shown below. Use the sound card's LINE  INPUT jack,

TC-400 hookup diagram

Any of the following labelled receiver/minisystem input jacks can be used;  AUX, TAPE IN/PLAY, LINE IN, CD, TUNER, MD (MiniDisc), VIDEO or DVD (use the L&R AUDIO  jacks so labelled; ignore the actual yellow VIDEO  jack if present).  Our TC-400s are custom-made with a dedicated ground wire terminal which is the proper destination for your turntable's ground wire.
  • 12 volt DC operation; will work anywhere in the world  
  • ( power supply is external, for minimal noise and hum)
  • limited lifetime defective exchange warranty
  • excellent choice for use with computer sound cards
  •  (includes free miniplug adaptor needed for this usage)
  • black anodized casing
  • G/L version features gold-plated jacks and power LED
  •  includes AC adaptor and  RCA cable 
  • ground wire terminal; CUSTOM MADE  with this feature
  • RIAA freq response 20hz-20,000hz, S/N ratio  ^ 50dB

patch cordminiplug

We include free of charge a stereo patch cord (for connection to a receiver or minisystem) and a mini-plug adaptor for use with computers.

Similar in concept and function to the 6VDC-powered
 Recoton/ICC SP-2, this preamp features 12VDC power for increased dynamic range, improved specs, a ground wire terminal, and very nice retail packaging suitable for gifting. This is an excellent choice for use with component stereos, home theatre systems and better-quality PC sound cards.
TC-400 box