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Technolink TC-778
RIAA Phono Preamp
With 78rpm Equalization Switch and Input
New! Now includes improved regulated power supply usable worldwide!


 $63.50 plus shipping
778 curve

The TC-778 combines the proven low noise discrete RIAA design found in the TC-750 with the ability to select equalization much more appropriate for playing and recording 78rpm records.  Dedicated rear input jacks accomodate a separate 78 table; or the same input can be used for both RIAA and 78 (for those of you who have one table capable of playing all record speeds). Simply set the rear panel switch to the position which suits your situation.

 TC-778 back panel
  • 12 volt DC operation; will work anywhere in the world  
  • one year defective repair or  exchange warranty
  • RIAA freq response 20hz-20,000hz +/- 0.5dB, S/N ratio >80dB
  • CE certified; nice packaging suitable for gifting
  • gold-plated jacks and black anodized metal casing
  • Channel Separation  50 dB; Subsonic Filter at 10 Hz
  • ground wire terminal; power indicator
  • includes AC adaptor, RCA cable and miniplug adaptor
  • 142mm long / 73mm wide / 37mm high

patch cordminiplug

We include free of charge a stereo patch cord (for connection to a receiver or minisystem) and a mini-plug adaptor for use with computers.

If connecting to a computer, simply substitute it in the diagram for the receiver shown below.
Use the sound card's LINE  INPUT jack,

Hookup diagram

Any of the following labelled amplifier/receiver/minisystem input jacks can be used;  AUX, TAPE IN/PLAY, LINE IN, CD, TUNER, MD (MiniDisc), VIDEO or DVD (use the L&R AUDIO  jacks so labelled; ignore the actual yellow VIDEO  jack if present). Plug your MiniDisc, TV audio, CD Player or whatever into the preamp's AUX input, and press AUX to hear.

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plug types