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Technolink TC-770LC
High Gain Phono/Mic/Aux Preamp
New! Now includes improved regulated power supply usable worldwide!


The features of our  TC-740A and TC-780LC
(and then some) combined in one model!


The TC-770LC introduces both new features and more sophisticated styling to our extensive preamp line. All of our other MM phono preamps provide the industry standard 38-40 dB of gain, more than enough if your moving magnet cartridge is typical. But what if your cartridge is NOT typical? A number of high-end MM cartridge models feature lower output as part of their quest for better sound. B&O's famous and well-respected MMC line of cartridges produces only a third of the output of most other brands; typical phono preamps simply can't bring this up to the level needed to match other sources like CD. Worse, if you own a B&O turntable you have no choice in the matter; only B&O cartridges fit. Until now,you had to choose  between cranking your  receiver or amp main volume way up or replacing your favorite cartridge (and maybe the turntable too) with something less desirable. Our TC-770LC changes the rules by providing up to 60dB total phono gain, more than enough to raise that soft-spoken cartridge up to the level needed to drive your amp or receiver properly.We've even included a DIN jack for B&O owners so you can connect your Beogram turntable without using an RCA adaptor!


But wait, there's more!!!
The TC-770LC can do the same thing for your iPod or MP3 player. Plug your portable into the front panel jack and use the TC-770LC's variable  line level gain (up to 20dB) to match your stereo's other sources. No more cranking the master volume control when you want to hear your portable music player at home... Have a Philips or other brand network music player that just isn't as loud as your other analog sources? Connect it to  the TC-770LC's rear AUX input and access up to 20dB of boost. Throwing a party? Plug dynamic or condensor mics into the front panel jacks and transform your stereo into a PA or karaoke amp! Perhaps you DJ on the weekends? Just imagine what you can do with all these inputs and all that extra gain...

If connecting to a computer, simply substitute it in the diagram for the amplifer shown below. Use the sound card's LINE  INPUT jack, NOT the MIC IN.  Click on the diagram to see a larger version.


Any of the following labelled amplifier/receiver/minisystem input jacks can be used;  AUX, TAPE IN/PLAY, LINE IN, CD, TUNER, MD (MiniDisc), VIDEO or DVD (use the L&R
AUDIO  jacks so labelled; ignore the actual yellow VIDEO  jack if present).

$87.50 plus shipping
(see below)
  • 12 volt DC operation: will work anywhere in the world  
  • Total harmonic distortion: 0.05%
  • RIAA freq response: 20hz-20,000hz +/- 0.5dB
  • S/N ratio: MM phono/MIC 76dB, AUX  90dB
  • Input sensitivity; MM phono 3.5mV, MIC  8mV, AUX  250mV
  • Switch selectable dynamic or  condenser mic compatibility
  • Condenser bias supply  voltage:  7.5VDC
  • CE certified: nice packaging suitable for gifting
  • Gold plated jacks and black anodized metal casing
  • Separate (user swappable) front panel with MP3 jack
  • Ground wire terminal: click HERE to see why you need this feature
  • Variable output level control with power switch
  • Free RCA cable and miniplug adaptor included
  • Dimensions: 210mm x 90mm x 37mm 
  • One year defective exchange or repair warranty

included items
We include free of charge a stereo patch cord
 (for connection to a receiver or minisystem)
and a mini-plug adaptor for use with computers.
The AC adaptor is also included.
plug types
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$87.50 plus shipping
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