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You've come to the right place if you are in search of phono preamps, speaker/source selectors  and NAB hub adaptors for 10.5" reel-to-reel machines. Credit card purchases can be made securely using the online payment options found on each product's detail page. We ship worldwide via USPS Priority and First Class Mail; our FAQ page provides full details. Be sure to check out our "Attic" found at the bottom of this page for discontinued and one-of-a-kind items.


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Silver Finish Advisory; We've recently received several buyer reports that the silver model images on this website do not match the actual color of products they have received. We've looked thru our inventory and must agree; the majority of our current silver finish stock has a definite gold or sepia cast (see at right). Buyers should take this variance in color into account when choosing to order silver versions of our products. swatch
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RIAA Phono Preamps
Good: Technolink TC-400GL Phono Preamp
Technolink TC-400GL phono preamp
 $29.50 plus shipping

Our least costly model, the classic TC-400GL has received a major makeover and upgrade. This new generation is quieter, has flatter response and comes with an external power supply that is usable worldwide, regardless of country. If you're looking for a phono preamp which you can hide behind your equipment and forget, this is it. Simply connect your turntable to the input, connect the output to a receiver /amp line input (CD, AUX, TAPE etc) using the supplied cable, and start listening to your vinyl! This is an excellent choice for use with music systems, soundbars, and home theater receivers that lack a phono input.
Better: Technolink TC-450 Mobile Phono Preamp
Technolink TC-450 phono preamp

  $31.50 plus shipping
$35.50 plus shipping
With a 70dB S/N ratio and 0.05% maximum distortion, our TC-450 is the  only battery-powered model in our lineup. One nine volt battery will run this low current-draw preamp for many, many hours. Or you can use it with the optional power adaptor, just like our other models. Either way, this preamp (both lightest and smallest of any we sell) adds a new measure of flexibility for those of you recording or listening to your albums on the go. The same sturdy metal construction used in our other models provides excellent shielding, noise rejection and durability.

Way Better: TCC TC-750 Phono Preamp:
  Improved Edition with Better Specs
Including 85dB S/N!!!
Available in either BLACK or SILVER

Technolink TC-750 phono preamp

  $43.50 plus shipping

This preamp features better specs than the phono preamps built into most component stereo receivers and amps! Improved PCB layout and 1% tolerance resistors resulting in extremely accurate RIAA equalization (coupled with a s/n ratio a CD player might envy) makes this THE choice for use with high-end systems and sound cards. If you're looking to make archival quality copies of LPs on CD-R, or just looking to hear that analog LP sound produced without coloration or added background noise, this is definitely worth the extra ten bucks.... Very nice packaging makes this an excellent gift choice for the audio perfectionist. CLICK HERE for the PC World article featuring this preamp.
Best: TCC TC-750LC Phono Preamp:
Same Great Specs as our TC-750
 PLUS an Output Level Control
Available in either BLACK or SILVER
Technolink TC-750LC phono preamp

  $48.50 plus shipping

We took our tried and true TC-750 and added an output level control to create the PERFECT preamp for use with computer sound cards. The adjustable output allows correct setting of recording levels, something you may find your burning software and / or sound card driver has insufficient range to permit. When used with a stereo, the control allows the phono source level to be set to match other inputs such as CD or video, so that switching between sources requires little or no change in the stereo's volume control setting. Definitely a must-have feature if you do a lot of recording, and very useful even if you do not...

Line Level Boosters;
for Use with iPods, MP3 Players, Etc.

Technolink TC-780i Mobile
Stereo Line Level Amp / Booster
Designed specifically for in-car use
Technolink TC-780i
  $36.50 plus shipping
$42.50 plus shipping

The TC-780i is a tiny (3" x 1.75" x .75") stereo line amplifier designed for either mobile or home use.  Most users will use it to connect a MP3 player, iPod or other portable audio player to an existing auto or home stereo. Doing so is simply a matter of plugging the player into the front panel jack, and adjusting the level control for best  balance. Because the TC-780i provides considerable gain, it can correct level mismatch issues that often cause portable players to be lower in volume than other sources. A second rear panel  input (selected automatically when nothing is plugged into the front input) allows the TC-780i to be used even in situations where all available inputs are already occupied. The mobile installation hardware included allows mounting either over, under or in most dashboards. The underdash bracket can also be used to attach to a in-home stereo cabinet or entertainment center, or the TC-780i can simply be set on a shelf.
Technolink TC-780LC
Stereo Line Level Amp / Booster
Available in either BLACK or SILVER
Technolink TC-780LC

$49.50 plus shipping


The TC-780LC provides up to 20dB of gain on any line level source, allowing longer cable runs or that "bump" you need to cure low volume issues. Or you can use it to add a volume control between a line level source and a power amp which has no level adjustment of its own.
It comes in both black and  silver finish, has a front minijack for temporary connection of MP3 players and iPods, and includes a control-mounted power switch. DIN type 5-pin rear panel in/out jacks allow easy connection of older European brand equipment such as Bang & Olufsen,Tandberg and Revox. Have a MM cartridge turntable that just isn't loud enough compared to other sources? our line preamp can solve this problem for you; click on the image above to learn how!
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Phono Preamps
with Additional Features

Technolink TC-720 Stereo Mic
RIAA Phono Preamp

Technolink TC-720 phono preamp
 $49.50 plus shipping

This preamp features stellar phono specs and  performance, then adds on top of that  the ability to also accept two microphones, either electret (computer type) or dynamic, to allow stereo live recording. Nice retail packaging makes this a super gift choice for the budding musician or recording enthusiast who also wants to listen to to their vinyl collection thru a home theater system or receiver that lack a phono input. 
Technolink TC-740A Variable Output
Stereo Mic / Instrument Pickup
RIAA Phono Preamp
Technolink TC-740A phono preamp
  $55.50 plus shipping

A variable level output control and the ability to handle musical instrument pickup, dynamic mic AND phono input signals makes this model very handy indeed. It provides an excellent front end for sound reinforcement applications that don't require the complexity of a mixer but that may require handling varying source and output level requirements from job to job.

Technolink TC-770LC 
High Gain Phono/Mic/Aux Preamp
The features of our  TC-740A and TC-780LC
(and then some) combined in one model!

Technolink TC-770LC phono preamp

$87.50 plus shipping

The TC-770LC brings both new features and more sophisticated styling to our extensive preamp line. All of our other MM phono preamp models provide the industry standard 38-40 dB of gain, more than enough if your moving magnet cartridge is typical. This preamp is different; up to 60dB of gain is available  to deal with lower output MM cartridges that sound great but just aren't as loud as other sources like CD. A front panel iPod/MP3 input with up to 20dB boost allows your portable player to be heard thru your home system without having to crank your stereo's volume control to the moon. And we've included front panel inputs that accept both dynamic and condenser mics, and a rear AUX input that also can be boosted up to 20dB.
Technolink TC-778 RIAA Phono Preamp
With 78rpm Equalization Switch and Input

Use one table for playing 78s and another for LPs,
and switch between them without swapping cables!

Technolink TC-778 phono preamp
  $65.50 plus shipping

Have you tried listening to or copying 78RPM records using the phono input on your stereo or an RIAA preamp, and found the result unmusical and harsh? The TC-778 combines our proven low noise stage design found in the TC-750 with the ability to select equalization much more appropriate for playing and recording 78rpm records. Standard RIAA equalization for playing LPs can be selected as well. Dedicated rear input jacks accomodate  separate LP and 78 tables; or the same input can be used for both (for those buyers who have one table capable of playing all record speeds). Simply set the rear panel switch to the position (connect or isolate) which suits your situation. 
Technolink TC-753LC RIAA Phono Preamp
With Switchable Aux Input
and Output Level Control
Available in either BLACK or SILVER
  Technolink TC-753LC phono preamp

$57.50 plus shipping

Frustrated by the lack of inputs on your minisystem or home theatre receiver? Tired of having to unplug your TV audio or MP3 player whenever you want to play or record an LP? This phono preamp is for you. Our TC-753LC features great specs (equivalent to the much more expensive TC-754)  and the output level control feature which has made the TC-750LC our best selling model.  Now there's no reason to choose between specs and convenience; you can have both!
Technolink TC-754 RIAA Phono Preamp
With Three Switchable Aux Inputs
And Output Level Control
Available in either BLACK or SILVER
Technolink TC-754 phono preamp

$73.50 plus shipping

Need more inputs? Our most versatile model combines exceptional phono preamp performance with three additional aux level audio inputs, then adds an variable output level control. Soft-touch switches control power on/off and source selection. While off, the TC-754  even remembers what source was last selected  and reselects it when powered back up. The output level control allows connection to a power amp either directly or through an equalizer; or it can simply be used to fine tune the audio level sent to your computer sound card or receiver. Spectacular RIAA equalization accuracy and a S/N ratio of 85dB make the TC-754 our top performing phono preamp; its additional features are extra icing on the cake! 
Technolink TC-760LC 
MM/MC RIAA Phono Preamp;
Works with ANY Magnetic Cartridge
Available in either BLACK or SILVER
Technolink TC-760LC phono preamp

plus shipping
The NAD PP-2 is a great product; for years it has ruled the roost among MM/MC preamps. But our TC-760LC aims to change that. Additional features like an output level control, ability to connect MM and MC turntables simultaneously (selecting between them at the push of a switch), and selectable hi/lo MC input impedance make the TC-760LC far more flexible; superior specs make it better sounding as well. A price well below the NAD provides the frosting on this particular cake!
Technolink TC-756USB
RIAA Moving Magnet Phono Preamp
with AUX Input and USB (Computer) Output

Technolink TC-756USB phono preamp
$69.50 plus shipping

Our new TC-756USB phono preamp is perfect for connecting a turntable to either a Hi-Fi system or a computer. This model features extremely accurate RIAA record compensation, minimal audio distortion, excellent signal to noise ratio, and high overload capability. It can be used for digitizing your phonograph records on a computer, adding a turntable to a receiver lacking a phono input, or for connecting a second turntable to a system that has only one phono input. Compatibility with Windows, Apple and Linux operating systems makes connections simple and quick.
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Speaker and Source Selectors
Technolink TC-25 5-Way
 Stereo Speaker Selector

  $39.50 plus shipping

This model allows you to connect up to five pairs of speakers to a stereo originally equipped to support only one or two pair. One or five or any combination in between can be selected to play at once.  Power rating (per channel) is 50 watts; a headphone jack and output protection against shorts are also provided. 
Technolink TC-9 4-Way
 Stereo Speaker Selector

  $33.50 plus shipping

This model allows you to connect up to four pairs of speakers to a stereo originally equipped to support only one or two pair. One or four or any combination in between can be selected to play at once. Power rating (per channel) is 200 watts, so really big amps and receivers can be connected. 
Technolink TC-716 6-Way
 Stereo Source Selector
Technolink TC-716
Available in either BLACK or SILVER
$29.50 plus shipping

This versatile switcher allows you to connect up to five stereo aux level sources to one input. One or five or any combination in between can be selected to mix and play at once. Unused inputs can be "reversed" and used as outputs to additional amps or recording devices. Four jack sets are RCA type; the remaining two are 3.5mm stereo minijacks (the kind found on Discmen and MP3 players). 
Technolink TC-37 3/2 Way
  Source/Speaker Selector

Technolink TC-37
plus shipping

This model allows the connection of up to three stereo aux level sources to one input on any mini-system or home theatre receiver. It also allows you to connect and select between two pair of speakers, even if your stereo only has one set of outputs. The speaker switch portion can handle amps and receivers rated up to 200 watts per channel. This unit is totally passive and requires no power.
Technolink TC-616 6-Way
Stereo Amplifier/Speaker Comparator

Technolink TC-616
plus shipping

If you've been looking for a way to select between several stereo amps or receivers to power just one pair of speakers, this is for you. If instead you need the means to select from several pairs of speakers for comparison purposes, the TC-616 can do that too. Commercial duty products that can provide these abilities cost hundreds of dollars and are usually meant to be rack or custom installed in audio store displays; ours will work anywhere, without special plugs or connectors. 
Two Composite / S-Video
Stereo A/V Switchers to Choose From
$19.50 plus shipping


Both of these switchers feature four inputs and the ability to convert S-video signals to a composite video output. Add more inputs to to your current monitor/TV; one of these even can be used with analog TVs that have no inputs other than an antenna jack!
Technolink TC-781 Eight Input
Line Level Source Selector

Technolink TC-781

plus shipping

Too many sources and not enough analog inputs? No open input to connect your new phono preamp and turntable to? The TC-781 insures you'll never have these problems again, providing EIGHT stereo inputs while only utilizing one on your stereo. We supply labels so you can easily designate and remember which switches control your various audio sources. All switches are interlocked; selecting a new source releases the previously selected input. This unit is totally passive and requires no power. 
Replacement AC Adaptors
for our Products

NAB 10.5" Reel Hub Adaptors;
$24.50 a pair!!!
NAB hub adapter TC-503
$24.50 per pair plus shipping

These are BRAND NEW (custom-made for Phonopreamps.com) clamp-type NAB reel hub adaptors that fit Pioneer, Akai, Tascam, Fostex, Teac, Tandberg, Revox and other 1/4" reel-to-reel decks that take 10.5" reels and have
spring-loaded or locking reel retainers. They are exact copies (except for the brand name logo) of the adaptors which were supplied with a number of Teac models. This is a "reel" hard item to find, but we have them!
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Odds and Ends
These are items from our attic; discontinued models, leftovers, and nifty oddball stuff that needs a home. Here you'll find vintage audio and test equipment, recording stuff and the occasional piece of photography gear. CLICK HERE or on the images to see what's new!
Dok 8 track

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